Interlude (24)

This is a poem from December 2016, that I want to share here and make part of this story. Perhaps Part 31.1. There’s a part of me that can’t believe I wrote this over 6 years ago.

Here’s the poem. It was titled ‘Ergo.’. The original post is here.

things break.
glass. clouds.
shattering. splattering.
and you stick them together.
band-aid. glue.
and you learn to make do.
(looks more real now, love.)
things break.
and you put a picture in a frame.
light sticks to reflections.
light splits around shadows.
one breaks. then two.
and you learn to make do.
glass. clouds.
what was sea is now fog.
what was fog unsheathes its nails,
piercing rain that breaks the skin.
she sews harder.
broken stars to bleeding sky.
things break.
what is, splinters into promises.
what was, becomes a jagged line
of ungrammatical sutures.
(look what is real now, love.)
things break.
and you stick them together
(now look, what love is real, love.)
and you learn to make do.
things break.


5 thoughts on “Interlude (24)

  1. Fascinating that you are finding some past-written pieces to insert (some of the missing parts?). I loved this as a single piece; it’s a bit of an adjustment to fit it into a larger whole – yet I don’t know why it should be, as when I think about it I suppose all our poems are fragments of the wholes that we are. I look forward to reading your Story in one continuous sequence when you decide you have completed it.


    1. I have been browsing through my archives and there are poems written to prompts etc and somewhere hidden away poems that dared to be real(er)… I guess am moving them to where they can be read more meaningfully. Since I’m only posting one part a week..this is going to take a while to end 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there!!!!

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  2. Written over 6 years ago, and it IS relevant today for many of us. ..”things break /and you learn to make do.”

    Isn’t just wonderful when you find gems like this from your archives! This ALL is an exciting and soulful creative process and book project. 🙂


    1. Thank you… the archive is both exciting and embarassing 🙂 🙂 Am smiling at you calling it a book project!! I’ve printed everything and stuck the pages in a file. There are some sticky notes and handwritten pages in there as well… that’s as far as the book goes 🙂 🙂


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