Interlude (23)

Happy to say Part 30 appeared in Via Negativa’s collection for Week 3 of 2023. Read the poem and other work from the blog-world here. Many thanks, Dave Bonta.

Also, super delighted to share artwork by V Vangala that so beautifully represents the title of this series – ‘A story in many unequal parts, some missing’. Perhaps our ordinary stories might be more gentle and fragrant, if we let flowers tell them. Ordinary flowers. Flowers that lean into washed-out skies. Flowers that brush the air and soften the harsh edges of our lives.

Love this interplay of creativity! You are also welcome to share your art, pictures, words, voices here. Leave a comment or connect via the About page.


4 thoughts on “Interlude (23)

  1. Thank you Rajani for the feature and love the introduction to the image !
    As always, await the next instalment of this story in many unequal yet equally insightful capsules of the human condition..


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