Interlude (1)

A couple of things to share:

First, a picture shared on Instagram by a reader who wrote these lines from Part 09 on his door.

“There is also no explanation
for why a monsoon sky is the colour
of a sonnet, why a heart breaks in
the way day doesn’t, why a moment
shapes the poet when the poet shapes
the moment, but in the reverse
direction, as if time and poetry
are mirror reflections staring at
each other from opposite worlds.”

Part 9- Door writing

And second, a reading of Part 01 for those who prefer to listen to their poetry.


18 thoughts on “Interlude (1)

  1. What a captivating series of thoughts and images. I was captivated by your voice which lends so much emotion to the words. More if this, please.


  2. Hi Rajani ~ I am grateful for your recent work and this reading…just beautiful. Several months ago I read and then listened to a very affecting essay narrated by its author. I meant to send a link of it to you because there was something in it (that at the time) reminded me of your writing and frequent use of water images and metaphors. Anyway, now that my memory has been jogged, here is the link to the essay that appeared in Emergence Magazine in April 2022, written by Sumana Roy: … Catherine

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    1. Thanks so much, Catherine. Am so glad you’re reading this series. I read the essay just now, thanks for sharing. I think my water references are cultural as well, also predicated by the long monsoon months. It seems to have all of us in its grip! Definitely influenced the title of my first book! I love that you made the connection to my work. Much appreciated!


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